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Episode #33: Weeaboos Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down

   On this episode of ARJ, Matthew and Henry talk about Steam and Nintendo.  There’s another exciting segment of Quotations from Chairman Trump.  Henry talks about the weeaboo’s search for meaning.  Matthew discusses Girl’s Und Panzer and Japanese utilitarianism.   … Continue reading

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Episode #6: William Shatner Hug Pillow

On this episode of Angel Repair Juice, Matthew and Henry do the Anime News Roll.  Henry interviews Gabe Newell.  Henry reviews Makura no Danshi.  William Shatner whispers sweet nothings in our ears.  Henry wonders if William Shatner has his own … Continue reading

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What Is Anime Anyway?

Perhaps you have seen it before while channel surfing, the dude with the spikey hair who pilots a giant robot, the babe who has magical powers and over-stated physical features, guys in karate uniforms fighting aliens while screaming at the tops of their lungs, and the cute middle school girl with eyes as big as dinner plates. Yes, this is anime… Continue reading

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