Get Your Anime Review on Angel Repair Juice!!!


We your observant ARJ hosts—Matthew and Henry, that is—have noticed that a few members in our Facebook group have from time to time posted short anime reviews for everyone’s reading pleasure. This got us thinking, why not let the ARJ listeners submit their reviews to us to be played on the podcast? Depending on the response we receive, we will chose one review per episode to be included in the show based on the quality and content of the review. All other reviews will be featured on our website. If the prospect of getting your anime review on ARJ interests you, then contact Matthew and I (Henry) at

• Reviews should be sent to us, via the email address given above, in an audio format, preferably MP3. 

• Each review should be between 5-10 minutes long. 

• Reviewers must show discretion in which anime titles they chose to review. Likewise, reviewers should show consideration for the wide spectrum of ARJ listeners by refraining from the following: 

I. profanity

II. Coarse or vulgar sexual references

III. Or any other such objectionable material which common sense dictates could be found offensive or inappropriate for younger listeners, etc.

Failure to respect these simple rules will result in the automatic rejection of your review.

We are eager to hear your reviews and feature them on Angel Repair Juice!


About Henry Volk

Having been raised in a strong traditional Pentecostal home; I was reared to respect the Word of God and to Love Christ. However, in my study of the Scriptures and Church history I found contradictions between the Word of God and the pop trends of modern Christianity. This lead to my discovery of Confessional Lutheranism. Christianity desperately needs to rediscover the timeless truths of historic Christianity as taught by the Apostles, Church Fathers, and Early Reformers. Like in the days before the Protestant Reformation, Christianity today is infected with hordes of moneygrubbing charlatans who twist God’s Holy Word and teach dangerously false doctrines. The Apostle Peter warned us of these false prophets. He said, “…there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them…” (II Peter 2:1, ESV). In these perilous times we as God’s children desperately need the gift of discernment to be able to distinguish true and false doctrine. This discernment only comes through knowing God’s Word, rightly divided. - Henry Henry admins the Modern Marburg blog and is a contributor and co-admin of the Angel Repair Juice blog. Henry received his A. Min. from Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College and is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
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